Indeed, an authentic Racing Biker Jackets will likely make you feel warm and cozy on a cold winter’s day. However, there are additional motives to put them on.

Leather jackets are windproof, warm, and cozy, and in addition to their use by motorcyclists, they are utilized to protect those who engage in rough outdoor activities. Many leather jackets are being worn for everyday wear. It is a durable garment, and the more used it is, the more appealing it appears. In Lycos gears, we manufacture quality products to ensure the safety of the rider. In this season we are offering an exciting discount of 10% on every product you choose. View our  9 Best Racing Biker Jackets

We have motorcycle leather jackets in various designs and colours from the top manufacturers such as Ducati Performance, Dainese, REV’IT and Roland Sands Design. We pick the best leather jackets and jackets from top clothing brands to allow you to enjoy your ride confidently. Pick from a variety of features like bubble liner, certified armour with reflective inserts, and more.

Ducati Corse Black Motorcycle Jacket – 9 Best Racing Biker Jackets

In a way, it is a symbol of racing enthusiasm. As a symbol of racing passion, the Ducati Corse Black Motorcycle Jacket was created, a CE certified piece of clothing designed to be used for sport riding on the roads. Produced through Dainese exclusive to Ducati, the exterior is soft and robust D-Skin 2.0 cowhide leather. The interior comprises 3D Bubble and Nano feels (r) to offer supreme comfort and cooling. It features moulded aluminium interchangeable plates on the shoulders as well as protective composites for the elbows. The garment is also with a ready-to-wear chest and back protectors. The item is only available in a male model in perforated and standard versions and comes in two colours. An item that is distinctive Ducati DNA.

Ducati Corse Black Motorcycle Jacket is specially designed for professional bike riders by Lycos gears for their protection against injury and wind during the ride.

Product Overview

  • Top Grade Cowhide Leather Material
  • Multiple Stitched Main Seam Construction for Safety
  • Optional Race Hump
  • 5 Point Armor Padding (Upgradeable to CE Approved)
  • Removable Temperfoam 1/2 Back Pad
  1. Ducati Corse C3 Motorcycle Jacket Replica

The Ducati Corse C3 Motorcycle Jacket Replica is made of 100% genuine premium cowhide leather with an optional race hump that is durable nylon stitched, and body contoured tailor cut for the perfect fit and comfort. Internally lined with cotton (usable all year) with internal pockets velcro to provide armor padding. Genuine YKK zip with durable zipper on the front and rear zip (attachment to an optional trouser) Zips are on all pockets in the front (if appropriate) and wrist zip enclosure. Five pieces fully removable with additional CE approved armor for trousers, i.e. shoulders (2) elbows (2) and back (1) Hard plastic CE upgradeable armor is an option.


  • Colour: Black / Red Silver
  • Fabric: Cowhide D-skin fabric S1 + 2.0
  • Fixed Nano feel(r) liner with inserts in 3D-Bubble Li fabric.
  • adjustable waist size
  • Elastic inserts
  • Two pockets inside
  • Two pockets on the outside
  • Merge Jacket-pants
  • Reflective inserts
  • Localized perforation
  • preformed aluminum inserts that are molded on the shoulders
  • CE certificate. Directive 89/686 / EEC Cl. AAA
  • Terfoformate composite protections on the elbows, certifying according to EN 1621.1
  • Pockets to hold G2 and Manis for Wave G2 as well as G2 Manis
  • The preparation part race Double Chest (purchased on its own)
  • Original product, new and innovative Ducati

CX Repsol Motorcycle Jacket

CX Repsol Motorbike Racing Leather Jacket is made explicitly for professional cyclists to satisfy their love of biking safely and securely. The jacket is stylish and easy to wear with 100 100% authentic Cowhide leather, Approved Internal and external protectors on Knee and Elbows, Shoulder and back, Zippers from YKK for Performance and Outer Knee sliders to improve performance. Fully ventilated chest to keep the biker cool when cycling (Optional). Available in all sizes. For casual jackets visit now

Marc Márquez CX Repsol Motorcycle Jacket is made to provide the ultimate racing on the track. The jacket is constructed of cowhide leather, with a thickness of 1.2-1.3 millimeters, and Schoeller Kevlar Fabric to ensure complete security and comfort for the riders. In addition, it comes with TPU external protections and internal PU protections that ensure the safety of the sensitive areas of the body, such as the shoulder or elbow and vertebral column. When you return inside the suit, there is a macro mesh liner to ensure comfort. All of the internal safety features are removable, including an aerodynamic hump.


  • Three seams (Stitches) that will never be worn or opened the jacket.
  • 100% Genuine Premium Qualitative 1.3mm Cowhide Leather CE approved armours.
  • Crashes are proof (on as well off of the track).
  • You can wear this jacket for up to 5 crashes.
  • The coat may appear shabby due to some scratches but won’t lose its form or fall apart.
  • CE certified armours CE approved.
  1. Ducati Corse C4 Motorbike Racing Leather Jacket

Ducati Corse C4 Motorbike Racing Leather Jacket made of healthy skin and sturdy cowhide calfskin that extends outwards and is lined with polyester, the suit provides comfort and peace of mind. In addition, the case is secure enough for all vulnerabilities by removable CE protectors for the knees, shoulders in the back, hips, and lower back region.

Lycos gears have earned a distinguished reputation for manufacturing and selling high-quality leather jackets. With endless appeal and flexibility, Leather Jacket Mall has always been adaptable and inspiring. The style of leather is timeless. 9 Best Racing Biker Jackets One can make a striking style statement and an intelligent investment while at the same time, therefore, if you are willing to make a statement or make an impressive entrance. We have our infrastructure and skilled staff. We employ only the highest quality leather as well as imported materials used in the making of jackets.

Product Description

  • Genuine Cowhide Grained Leather that has a thickness of 1.2-1.3 millimetres
  • Schoeller Kevlar Stretch Fabric undersleeves for flexibility
  • Carbon-Inserted external sliders sewn around the shoulder and elbow.
  • Genuine YKK Zips on Front and Cuffs.
  • Logos printed or embroidered by the image
  • Professional Leather Patchwork
  • Double/Triple Stitched for outstanding tear resistance.
  1. Ducati Corse C5 Leather Jacket

The primary reason that motorcycle riders are wearing leather is to ensure their safety. Ducati Corse C5 Leather Jacket has been proven to offer more protection than regular clothing when riding a motorbike. Motorcyclists are required to wear leather vests and jackets and chaps to safeguard the most vital parts of their bodies in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle jackets made of leather are a great way to show off the traditional motorcycle look. They can be worn both on the bike to give protection against abrasion and off the bike to give you easy fashion.

We are experts in the production of leather-based clothing with more than 20 years of experience. Our factory makes our clothing with meticulous care and at the highest standard of craftsmanship. Please select from our selection of premium leather jackets and women’s jackets, celebrity’s leather jackets, and motorcycle jackets. Our clothing is top-quality in style and high-end slim fit, and quality that will last. We use A-Grade premium cowhide leather and the finest soft sheep leather to make fashion jackets. Quality that will last for the rest of your life.

Product Details

  1. Closure zip
  2. 2 Outer Pockets, two inside Bag Interior Bag
  3. Cowhide Leather D-Skin 2.0
  4. Sewn Fodder From Nano feel With Inserts From 3D-Bubble Tissue
  5. Lokalisierte Perforation
  6. Ducati Corse Motorbike Leather Jacket

Performance at its best with the exclusive jacket.9 Best Racing Biker Jackets is design for sporty and racing riding, and it draws inspiration from the iconic Ducati style. The asymmetrical design and its use of the logo as primary graphic elements give the bike a distinct look, perfect for each Ducatista. The ideal fit is the S1 fabric panels on the armholes and micro elastic bands at the back.

These details are in harmony with the strategically-placed perforations and the adjustable waist that provides riders with excellent comfort and the ability to feel. This feature is further highlight by the two inner and two outward-facing pockets. The lining is fix and has fine craftsmanship, as it is breathable and hypoallergenic. It is construct from Nano feel(r) and 3D bubbles to guarantee a stable temperature. The exterior is made of soft D-Skin 2.0 leather, designed to provide high wear and tear resistance.


In terms of the riding equipment, every motorcyclist must be wearing a high-quality leather jacket. Despite advances in tech textiles, leather remains the most effective protection against abrasions you can get. As with gravy and chips, leather is the ideal companion to the motorcycle.

General Features

  1. A comfortable collar made of microfiber with a trim.
  2. Pre-curved construction
  3. Plus: 2 outside pockets and two pockets inside.
  4. Jacket-to-trousers zipper
  5. Localized perforation

7. Ducati Corse K1 Racing Biker Jackets

The CE-certified jacket gives you more protection in areas you require it most, with adjustable aluminium plates inserted into the shoulders and composite protectors for the elbows. 9 Best Racing Biker Jackets Excellent protection in the event of an accident, as guaranteed by the housings on the chest and back protector. The item is only available in the men’s fitting with the perforated and standard versions in the theme of red/black/white. This is a unique piece that has a distinctive style made to make heads turn.


  • The exterior is make of soft and durable D-skin 2.0 cowhide leather, with elastic inserts of S1 fabric around the armholes and micro-elastics along the back.
  • With interchangeable aluminum plates on shoulders and composite protectors on the elbows, also design to allow for the installation of back protectors and chest protectors.
  • Fixed inner liner made of sweat-proof and hypoallergenic NanofilE and 3D bubble material.
  • With a zipper that allows you to connect the jacket with any pants model from the collection.
  • Only available in men’s sizes in standard and perforated versions, in the red/white/black colour variant.
  • CE certified clothing.
  • Asymmetrical style with the use of logos as dominant graphic elements.
  1. Ducati Speed Evo Style Leather Jacket

There is not a law against wearing protective gear for Racing Biker Jackets; however, it is strongly advise as it can make a difference in your own life. Dressing in everyday clothes exposes you to a risk of getting injury. A 30-mph speedy slide on the tarmac can tear your clothes and bring skin to the bone in just a few seconds. Ducati Speed Evo Style Leather Jacket is one 0of the best leather jackets that Lycos gears manufacture.

The use of safety gear can minimize or prevent the severity of motorcycle crash injuries. Quality motorcycle clothing, suits and jackets are vital to safeguard your body from severe abrasions and fractures. It is recommended to choose items made from heavier materials and top-quality leather.


The material itself is windproof and may be lined for extra warmth. Perhaps leather is far superior in resisting abrasions than cotton, wool, or even the common denim material. Therefore, if a cyclist is injured on the road, their jacket will protect their skin.


  • Adjustable waist closure
  • Elasticized fabric inserts that improve the comfort
  • A comfortable collar made of microfiber with a trim.
  • The wrist is thinner and has a self-locking zip
  • Elastic and leather around elbows and shoulders
  • Jacket-to-trousers zipper
  • Pocket with waterproof material on the strip
  • Pre-curved sleeves
  1. Honda Repsol One Heart Motorcycle Jacket – 9 Best Racing Biker Jackets

Honda Repsol One Heart Motorbike Jacket is specifically design for riders who are proficient at maximizing their passion for riding through the use of an incredibly protective. This suit skin’s texture, superb design & soothe, 100% authentic Cowhide skin, Standard inside & outside Protectors on (Knee, Shoulder, Elbows and Back)YKK Zippers for the concert, external Knee sliders for concert. Complete ventilated upper body to stay the biker breezy whilst riding(Optional). Offered in all sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Custom Fit facilities are available.

You’ll look and feel like a professional! This exclusive Honda Repsol Professional Team is a racing leather jacket worn by the top racers in MotoGP, and is distinctive in both its design and feel. It is manufacture by hand to perfection down to the minor point and is completely protect for race use. CE certified protectors for shoulders, elbows and back, as well as cushioned kidneys. The leather quality is superior to other imitations, and the price is the most valuable for Honda admirers.

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